Our clients talk about us


95% of interviewees believed that Biotope had “clearly identified their needs”.

“The naturalist expertise” and “ecological engineering” are the major areas identified by our clients.

98% of our clients recognise our professionalism.

More than 95% of our clients appreciate our understanding of their needs.

95% of our clients consider our commercial responsiveness good or excellent.

Over 95% of our clients felt that our management was particularly appropriate when unexpected events occurred.

  • “Biotope works hard on our needs. There is a true relationship of trust. Biotope does much to meet needs, and sometimes even more than what is initially expected.E. Leclerc, ANDRA.
  • “We were pleased with the contact with Biotope.” K. Bozzacchi, A.S.O. –Tour de France.
  • “We chose to work with Biotope because of its good value, and its ability to listen and react.” C. Yuste, Pizzorno.
  • “It’s reassuring to have a project leader who is available and doesn’t hide behind his report.” F. Bergé, BRLi.
  • “In the end, an excellent book as usual from this publisher that is so skilful in gathering the necessary partnerships to publish beautiful books on specialist topics.” P. Mioulane, RMC journalist, garden specialist.

The number-one point of satisfaction mentioned by our clients is the “assistance” Biotope provides to its clients. The second most highly appreciated point of satisfaction cited is our “expertise”.